Skirted Pedestal Sinks

We have the cutest little corner sink in our downstairs bath. It is screaming for a DIY skirt in some fabulous fabric. And I just might have to oblige… Kristen Buckingham Eddie Ross. His tutorial here. Canadian House and Home image via Real Simple image via Visual Vamp

We have the cutest little corner sink in our downstairs bath. It is screaming for a DIY skirt in some fabulous fabric. And I just might have to oblige…

Eddie Ross. His tutorial here.

image via Real Simple

image via Visual Vamp
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40 thoughts on “Skirted Pedestal Sinks

  1. Lovely pictures. That fabric next to the washing machine is gorgeous. Is anyone familiar with it?

  2. These are adorable! I wish I'd thought of it when sharing a house with my friends – our bathroom had a lovely 70's salmon pink pedestal sink with hideous exposed plumbing.

  3. I love this! our bathroom is in serious need of a makeover, and this would be the perfect way to spruce up our sink (and give us a little extra storage space!) thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  4. I am totally gravitating toward the Real Simple version in purple! Which, in theory, doesn't fit me at all. But I love the lines and just the small subtle gathering in only the corners! The purple works in their greyish and white room, but no purple for me!

  5. I'm always conflicted over this look, but you've made a convincing case–these are lovely!

    Something in me loves the clean, sculptural element of the exposed pedestal, but this is perfect for hiding exposed plumbing or extra storage.

    It looks like you're adjusting beautifully to mama of 3–so inspiring! It's always delightful reading your blog, Jenny!

  6. I love the skirted sinks … I would definitely have one in my house, but we have all console sinks around here. Luckily they're not extraordinarily ugly or anything, but one day I'd love to transition to pedestals to open things up a little. Lovely inspirations you have there!

  7. I have a pedestal sink in my bathroom and i think about covering it. But then I don't know if that will take away from the nice pedestal itself. I think I will try it and see if I like it!
    Thanks for the pics!

  8. I love a corner sink! My fams house in Houston has a few (which my mom skirted) and I just think they are adorable. And that washroom sink! Attaway to take something that is normally a bit tatty and turn it into a feature!

  9. I love this idea! I've been trying to find a way to spruce up our downstairs bathroom (which just happens to have a pedestal sink).

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. love that first pic…and love the skirt on the last pic. hope you are doing good jenny…can't believe you are so good at doing posts after having a baby!!

  11. Skirted sinks are the BEST. They really are a 'twofer'(two for the price of one). We had an ancient pedestal sink in our first house and I added a skirt to it and it received so many compliments. The skirt not only adds style and beauty but is a wonderful place to hide things away.

    Good luck with your project!

    Tricia – Avolli

  12. Jenny- you could not have posted this at a BETTER TIME!!! I'm attempting to do one in our kids' bathroom & love the inspiration pics you've shown.


  13. I think they make perfect sense in a laundry room….not sure how I feel about them elsewhere…unless you have a real cottage type home…

    I remember the one Eddie did…I have to admit I loved that one…

    So yeah I'm a waffler…lol

    Kathy :)

  14. I like that the skirt in the second pic isn't ruffled! I have a pedistal sink in my rental bathroom with gross exposed plumbing and stained cushion flooring below… this would work perfectly to conceal these!

  15. Thanks so much for featuring this, and for the link to the how-to. I have been coveting the look of the Windsor Smith skirted sink I saw in House Beautiful a while back. I need to make it mine, and this will help!


  16. I can't tell you how many times I've favorited that laundry room with the map and striped rug – I love it so! Oh, and great collection of skirts!

  17. Jenny, where do you get most of your favorite fabrics?
    I haven't worked with fabrics really, but would love to try this and to reuphoulster an old ottoman.
    any easy to clean/maintain fabrics you recommend?

  18. I love the Canadian House and Home shot best, with a close 2nd to the Eddie Ross one. You mentioned that Canadian magazine. I might just have to order it…hopefully it stays in print for a while, unlike some other greats.

  19. I think I'm going to skirt my third floor sink. I laugh when I see Eddie Ross's, its so beautiful but you can totally tell he doesn't have kids. I can see my Gigi wiping her toothpaste hands in it!

  20. Sorry, but I disagree. This is one trend I wish would die. It is so faux country charm, and tacky to me.
    That said, I love the basin in the first photo (minus skirt obv.).

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