Anthropologie Furniture VS. CraigsList

Confession:While Anthropologie is one of my very favorite stores, it mostly serves as a source of inspiration for me. I always keep my notebook handy while shopping there. I jot down my favorite things and then go online when I get home to check other sources. It seems like I can usually find the same…

While Anthropologie is one of my very favorite stores, it mostly serves as a source of inspiration for me. I always keep my notebook handy while shopping there. I jot down my favorite things and then go online when I get home to check other sources. It seems like I can usually find the same product for about half of the Anthro price. That probably makes me sound like a cheapskate. But hey, we’re students! Cut me some slack!

I love a few of the furniture lines at Anthropologie, and even though they have a 25% off upholstery sale every few months, I still can’t afford any of these pieces.

I love to keep these images of Anthro furniture in my mind as I scour garage sales and CraigsList for furniture with potential that I can paint or reupholster to get the desired look. It can be intimidating to paint an “antique” or to sew a slipcover. But I really think that anyone can do this stuff.

It’s rainy today in Brussels, so we’re stuck inside. I decided to have some fun and see what an “around the US” Craig’s List search would come up with. I chose a random city for each piece of Anthro furniture that I liked and tried to find something for sale that, with a little elbow grease, could look very similar. I can’t believe all the great furniture for sale out there! If you’ve got an hour (or more) to kill, type in “vintage” or “antique” in your CraigsList. You’ll have to sort through some junk, but I’m sure you’ll find some gems. Make sure you have this program downloaded so you can preview the pictures.

1a. Ditte Sofa. $3500

I am totally in love with the Ditte sofa. The photos don’t do this beauty justice. It is shockingly comfortable. Seriously, take a seat next time you are in the store. You’ll be surprised.

While at first glance it looks like a pretty modern piece of furniture, I think this couch would work in almost any style room.

1b. Hepplewhite sofa on LA’s Craigslist. They’re asking for $500, but I bet they could be talked down. I am so jealous of whoever snatches this one up. This picture’s worthless, but I think a little paint, some beautiful linen and a few bolster pillows would make for a great transform.

2a. Amelie sofa at Anthro, $4000. This sofa caused a craze around the design blogs a few seasons ago. I still like it.It reminds me of Drew Barrymore’s sofa

and Reshida Jones’. Both sofas are beautiful and don’t look stuffy or old fashioned at all.

2b. Vintage sofa on Dallas CL, $90. Oh the potential…

3a. Calandria chair at Anthro, $1500
3b. Danish Chairs on New York CL $150. That fabric has to go! I think they’re flexible on the price.

4a. Anthropologie’s Josef Wingback chair, $2000
I love that this wing chair is not “granny” at all. It is a very stately chair. I think that is key in looking for a good, classic wingback.
4b. Phoenix CL Wingback, $100
This one is very similar to the anthro wingback. I would reupholster it in a fun fabric and add piping in a contrasting color.
6a. Anthro Memello Chaise. $2000.

I love a chaise by a window or a reading nook. They’re always perfect in large bedrooms. I like the bird print, too.

6b. Chaise from Boston’s CraigsList, $100.
It’s not even close to the shape of the Anthropologie chaise, and I realize it looks totally dumpy in these photos, but this one has really clean lines and would be a breeze to upholster. I would purchase some new wooden legs online to replace those nasty fabric-covered bun feet.

7a. Astrid Chair at Anthropologie, $1300
7b. San Francisco Antique chair, $175. Again, not exactly the same chair, but the lines are similar. In a lot of ways, I actually like the Craig’sList chair more than the Astrid. I would paint the wood though. And obviously change the fabric.

That was fun! If anyone is lusting after an expensive piece of retail furniture, let me know and I’ll try to find a substitute for you. If you’re in the Boston area, I’ll even help you fix it up!

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13 thoughts on “Anthropologie Furniture VS. CraigsList

  1. Jennica, you are amazing. You are sooo good at seeing potential. Oh how I wish you were here to reupholster my chair for me. I am going to tackle it when I get back from California – I’ll probably email you with lots of questions.

    I am glad you guys are having so much fun in Europe! So jealous.

  2. This is an older entry, but I found it while searching for reupholstery services in Boston. Do you have a place you recommend, or did you take a class you liked? I’m trying to decide whether to ship my grandfather’s wingback out from Oregon (and reupholster it, but the quotes I’m getting are SO high and I’m a little freaked out.

  3. Hello! I found your blog through google while trying to find some cool slipcovers for two wing chairs that I just inherited. I LOVE the prints from Anthropologie but am having no luck finding any slipcovers remotely close. Do you know of any places that carry unique slipcovers or is something I’ll have to reupholester on my own? Thanks Jodi

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  5. Hi! I have spent many hours today looking at your beautiful blog. I also adore Anthropolgie but can’t afford even a dish towel from there! While in Italy, at a “goodwill”, I picked up a gold plated beer/wine bottle opener that was shaped as a little bird. For 70 cent euro!! I saw almost the exact same thing at Anthropologie for three times as much. It was incredible! =)

  6. Your blog is SO fun!

    Do you have any tips on how to find a Ditte sofa these days? I've been scouring the internet and ebay and craigslist looking for one. Any tips?

    Also, I have an old rocking couch I'm totally in love with that my grandma rocked my mom in and then my mom, me and now I rock me son in is. I know, aaaw :) I'm trying to figure out how to update it. Maybe I could send you a pic for some ideas?

  7. I love this blog. I just actually bought a craigslist vintage sofa for 100.00 that will now be my summer project. I intend it to become similar to an Anthro chic sofa too. Who's got the money to buy furniture from Anthropologie anyhow? I don't!

  8. This is a great post. It’s not dated even thought it’s from 2008. I’ve been looking for a solid hardwood frame couch and love the Anthro lyre. We are a little tired of an antique couch we have but it is a beautiful French assymetrical. It has a hardwood Frame and despite how pretty it is, it has held up to three kids and us for over 10 years! I bought it re-upholstered and they used the best foam and upholstery. It has outlasted a Calico Corners chair that doesn’t even get used as much.

    The kids are bigger now so it’s a squeeze for all of us to fit on the couch so we need to replace it but I am so nervous about giving up this solid beauty and ending up with something disappointing. Sofa shopping is not easy and is very personal. Also our sofa is red and was a bit bold to deal with in the beginning but now every thing else is bland in comparison. Sigh.

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