How To Choose a Rug For Your Dining Room

Do you have a rug in your dining room? It can be a controversial subject (especially if you have kids), but we are here to tell you that it is possible to have messy eaters, and still keep a great dining room rug! There are a few key features a rug has to have to make it a good fit-

The first one is, it needs to be a VERY low pile. We are big fans of the Loloi rugs because of this!

The second important feature for a dining room rug is it needs to be able to be spot cleaned without discoloring or warping. Our go to spot cleaner will always be Folex!

The third (and possibly most important) is it needs to be a rug that is either dark in color, or that has a busy pattern. A lot of the vintage inspired rugs that are popular right now are perfect because they have so many repeating patterns, and so much movement! This will help to disguise any staining or spills that will most likely occur!

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