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Kate's Baby Shower

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I saw this pretty image from Hostess Haven on Instagram today and the colors reminded me of a post that I meant to share a few weeks ago and never published!

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My dear friend and assistant, Kate, adopted the most beautiful baby girl, who was born just a few weeks before Margot (future BFFs!). Kate’s sisters, mom and I threw her a little baby shower here at the house to celebrate. I always mean to take lots of photos when I’m hosting a party, but things end up being too crazy. Thankfully my talented photographer friend, Sarah Webb, snapped a few photos of the spread we put out on the back porch. Kate’s sisters and mom took care of all the drinks and the delicious food (bread and cheese and fruit, and the most delicious pain au chocolat from Proof Bread).

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Kate and I are both Diet Coke lovers (our habits have only worsened from working together this year), so it felt appropriate to have a DC bar at her shower. Also, please don’t judge me that we keep a giant pebble ice maker sitting on our back porch. :/ I was going to move it for the shower, but it weighs a million pounds and it was helpful to have ice for the drinks table! (…It’s totally cool if you’re judging me right now, but believe me when I say that ice is WORTH IT.)

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I sewed some last minute skirted table cloths for the food tables and the little striped runner on the drinks table. And we strung little felt balls for a subtle backdrop behind the tables.
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I made tissue paper tassels and bought yards and yards and yards of fringe in all different shades of blush, white and gold from a local fabric and trim warehouse called SAS and we tied them to the big 36″ balloons that I bought on Amazon. We had balloons all over the house and fresh flower arrangements and that was pretty much it for decorations inside. We kept it simple.
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I made the flower garlands using the same steps I did in this tutorial for Domino. I like how it looks with the garlands on the top of the tables too.

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I just used whatever flowers they had at Trader Joe’s and Sprouts – roses, parrot tulips, snap dragons, even some soft pink carnations. I’ve been using baby’s breath lately too. It’s back and it feels fresh again to me. Especially in a big bouquet all by itself! Wouldn’t that be pretty?

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It was a really fun day. I loved having an excuse to celebrate one of my favorite people in the world and her most perfect, beautiful, long-awaited daughter!
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16 thoughts on “Kate's Baby Shower

  1. The shower looks like all kinds of loveliness. And I love you a little more for having a pebble ice machine on your back porch.

  2. Great post! I'm planning my sons high school graduation party & will use some of your decorating ideas. Thanks for the much needed inspiration.

  3. I love this! And love that you trust your creative intuition! That is inspiration alone! Diet coke bar? Why the heck not! I think intuition is one of our greatest gifts as women and love to see people use it. And thanks for the inspiration for my son's upcoming first communion!

  4. I love everything about this post, the decorations are so so perfect and thank you for the tutorials….except for one thing. Diet Coke. I am on the warpath about this with my friends, so I will be with you two too! Read up on aspartame. Please don't drink it!!! Love you.

  5. I also love the ice maker; it's practical obviously but also retro cute and makes a great place to put plants :) I want one now!

  6. Hi Jenny,

    The shower you threw looks so lovely!
    I was wondering though, how did you get your balloons to float with the pom pom trim and tassels on? I've tried and failed twice now and ended up hanging the balloons with double sided packing tape- which does not look good for long.
    Thanks so much!

  7. I loved my home in AZ but the only thing that was ever missing was a pebble ice machine! NO judgment, just worship! miss you!!!


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