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Foyer Table

And since we’re playing the dream foyer game, I’ll add that I want a foyer big enough to handle a beautiful table sitting right in the middle of the room. Front and center.

Nathan Egan

Trad Home

Celerie Kemble

Jed Johnson

Elizabeth Martin via Habitually Chic

Frank Roop

There is a foyer/library table for sale at one of my used furniture haunts. It’s tempting me, but as you can see, it needs some TLC.

Can you even handle those feet? to die for.

Seems a little familiar…


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43 thoughts on “Foyer Table

  1. My great Aunt Annie had a fountain in her foyer. I remember being overly impressed with this at a really young age. I love these tables and the grandness of it all!

  2. A dear friend has a foyer to die for and her little one has a cardboard house to play in there, with a wonderful long table – and I have often dreamt of a foyer artist studio.

  3. I think you NEED that gorgeous little table!

    Bit of trivia…I once picked up a small table from the curb of a neighbor in our former Houston 'hood. The neighbor was an Enron employee, and had picked it up when all the company's furnishings had been liquidated. I didn't have room for it, but thought it would be a great convo piece, considering the Enron story. It now sits, front and center, in my aunt's large foyer!

  4. LOVE it, DO IT!!! Looks like a GREAT project to me!!! =D

    PS, I always love seeing all the pictures of things you love on here. It makes me not feel so bad for all of the "temptations" I have! LOL

  5. love love LOVE a big arrengment to welcome people. Plus, i love the idea of having a beautiful christmas tree in the foyer for the holidays. currently hunting for a small table for our entry and my husband keeps having to remind me that our space is more of a hall than a foyer, but I can't stop dreaming!

  6. gorgeous! i really like the table front and center in the foyer area….and appreciate it on a smaller scale too.

    that little table is GREAT….if you have a space for it i say go for it!

  7. I love it! It's my dream to have a huge table in the foyer as well. Right now, It would probably still turn into a dumping ground for all my crap! Ha!

  8. Ah I dream of a day when I can have a foyer like those.

    My foyer is so teeny tiny that if I tried putting a table in there I would have to crawl over or below it to get in and out of the house. :)

    But since we are taking dream foyers I'll say I'll play your dream neighbor since you will soon be in my hood!

  9. Oh I agree! I would love a foyer with a big table, smack dab in the middle! But unless I win the lottery, I'm not buying a house like that in the Boston area any time soon. The pics are great eye candy in the meantime!

  10. Ever since I saw one of the houses Tori & Dean lived in with their foyer table I feel in love. Fingers crossed I can buy or build a house with a foyer big enough. I love this look.

  11. YOu don't know me. I've been stalking your blog for a short while and I have to say, "Get it, Get It!" Or can I get it? I serious love that table, work and all.

  12. BUY IT STAT! It's gorgeous and it's an unusual shape. I think you might kick yourself if you don't!! You can do the TLC! Hello! You made pelmets out of FOAM CORE, you can do anything. And birthed a child on your ottoman. BUY IT, sista!

    Very friendly bossing implied. Hope you take no offense!

  13. Jed Johnsons work never gets old.. he was wonderful.

    I now have no foyer but I still have tables by the doors.. ( antique chinese and a Thonet glass top dining table)
    I still use these foyers as inspiration, the color of those pale blue walls .. and that velvet sofa in the cinnamon color ! I have to have that color in my living room !

    I love this blog :)

  14. Oh, this might mean you need a country house, my dear, instead of city-dwelling. We love living in a small town outside of the city. Have you decided yet?

  15. Yeah, my table would be clean for one day. The day I installed it. The moment after the first day, it would look like a pile of junk….kids backpacks, mail, husbands pocket junk, phone book, okay my craft purchase of the day too. It's a lovely vision, the first day I mean.

  16. Wow. That top photo … did I say wow?

    And, I think that little table you found is darling, even without any TLC. I can only imagine what you could do with it.

  17. That is my secret most desired house thing as well! I can make anything else work, but this is just one those ' it is or it isn't' things. Sigh. Someday.

  18. This cracks me up because I feel the SAME EXACT WAY, and I know you might not even know what this is, but when the old TV show "7th Heaven" premiered, I had total foyer envy because they had a huge round table in theirs. I STILL think about it sometimes.

  19. A formal entry is such a wonderful luxury — would love to have one grand enough to hold a beautiful table (and some Gracie or de Gournay wallpaper on the walls!)

  20. GRAB THAT TABLE!!! It dates back to about 1870 and is Second Empire and those pieces are usually well made. Paint it in black enamel and you'll have it forever!

    I am lucky enough to have a huge center hall and I do have a round table under the chandlier. But is is really a piece of folk art as it is hand-carved with bird and heart detail on the legs. Not a traditional piece at all but so unusual and my sweet husband gave it to me!


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